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URL Analysis

We’re analyzing the URL to check if this website is safe to browse. We can conclude that:

  • Computer Threats: 0
  • Identity Threats: 0
  • Annoyance factors: 0

Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing also reports a clean score for this domain, so we can conclude that there’s No Malware or Phishing associated with this site.

Google Safe Browsing is a Google service that allows client applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of insecure web resources. Examples of insecure web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and misleading sites) and sites that host malicious or unwanted software.

Domain Analysis*

In terms of domain quality AVG antivirus flags this URL with the following score: Safe

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are important to ensure your privacy protection when browsing and is used to encrypt transactions. Here are the results for this domain:

It’s all good. We have not detected any issues.

Domain Trustworthiness

Users worldwide are rating this site based on the trustworthiness and the safeness for children. The score is the following:

  • Trustworthiness: 94
  • Child Safety: 93

Any score over 80 should be good enough to ensure a safe browsing experience for you and for your children.

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Alexa Rank

User Comments

  • This is an excellent search engine that really cares about the privacy of its users, but honestly think StartPage is better. If you look at the bottom right of any search results page DuckDuckGo corner, you can see “in partnership with Yandex”. This partnership has led to many Russians domains listed in the search results that Google does not show. StartPage, which is also oriented to privacy and even comes with a basic service proxy, did not have a lot of search results DuckDuckGo Russian presenting either. Of course, this may be due to the tactics of censorship copyright of Google, but can also be caused by malware or other dangerous problems. DuckDuckGo does not have as strong of a filter malicious site like Google, so you always have WOT on when in use.
  • 1) Using a Mac with network monitoring application Little Snitch, I have never detected any other network activity monitoring or unfavorable. That is definitely not the case of Google, Bing, Yahoo …. ad nauseam. 2) That said, are a corporation and therefore have to turn a profit, but they are upfront about how they use their use their search engine to do it: a) A single ad on the top of the page search results, but you can opt out of it. b) If you click on a link to, say, a list Amazon, receiving $ on Amazon, but your personal information is not shared with Amazon butone you can avoid this by simply copying the URL and paste it into another browser window. 3) The code is open source and there is a very active community of users improving the service- just take a look at the suggestion of improvements in its user community site: https: DDG and love //duck.coI the support through the single ad and link to Amazon, etc. and you should too. Success is evil will force corporations to improve search.
  • I use this site every day, everyone should use this site not google.BOYCOTT Google !!! They are recorded all your search with your IP. And sell their information to the company worth gold to government.J’utilise this site every day, everyone should use that pluton google.BOYCOTTER GOOGLE !!!! Records all your research with your bonus IP address for reselling business have or worse in government
  • DuckDuckGo is a good website. does not track this so that the protection of government surveillance and enforcement. But not only rely on their searches because DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo irrelevant search returns results in some search queries. and DuckDuckGo does not track because he has no bubble filter that can be useful in some cases, because it displays search results relevant not just for a particular search engine, but also for a particular user. but if the irrelevant results caused by the bubble filter shown in other search engines like Google you can fix by removing cookies and search history in these search engines. DuckDuckGo but should try different search queries or different countries and regions, and if you do not find what you are looking for, you should try other search engines to find what they are looking for. but still it remains a good search engine, while sometimes I need to use other search engines to find what they are looking for. and are constantly improving the search engine trying to improve the relevance and search experience for all users DuckDuckGo
  • is a search engine that does not track and save web browsing or save your searches as does. default also filters out any adult content such as porn sites and other sites of that nature that will come up during the search for certain topics

*Should I care about this metric? Not necessarily, as score refers to the whole domain, and bigger domains like or might have low scores due to a few dirty URLs.

Traffic information

This site has an average of 225569626,234577 visitors per month globally, and is very popular in United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Canada. Normally, you should trust sites with big and global audiences, as well as sites with a lot of direct traffic. In the following graph You’ll be able to see how much of its traffic is direct (brand traffic)

Also, this site gets traffic from the following urls:,,, and It’s very important to understand what are the main traffic sources to understand potential risks. Are the sites listed suspicious? Then you should be careful when accessing this domain

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