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URL Analysis

We’re analyzing the URL to check if this website is safe to browse. We can conclude that:

  • Computer Threats: 0
  • Identity Threats: 0
  • Annoyance factors: 0

Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing also reports a clean score for this domain, so we can conclude that there’s No Malware or Phishing associated with this site.

Google Safe Browsing is a Google service that allows client applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of insecure web resources. Examples of insecure web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and misleading sites) and sites that host malicious or unwanted software.

Domain Analysis*

In terms of domain quality ( AVG antivirus flags this URL with the following score: Safe

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are important to ensure your privacy protection when browsing and is used to encrypt transactions. Here are the results for this domain:

End-entity or/and intermediate certificate(s) was signed utilizing a weak hash function

Domain Trustworthiness

Users worldwide are rating this site based on the trustworthiness and the safeness for children. The score is the following:

  • Trustworthiness: 94
  • Child Safety: 93

Any score over 80 should be good enough to ensure a safe browsing experience for you and for your children.

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank

User Comments

  • Leading search engine, the best known and used worldwide, the fastest and provide the world that Google has made the company one of the largest multinationals in the world and Internet giant! Google acquired YouTube offers several free services (with the counterparty of personal data), as a social network, a search engine for images, operating systems, open source and free (Android and Google OS), a free open source web browser (Google Chrome), mapping services (Google maps and Google Earth), messaging (Gmail), translator, etc. …..
  • Google is the most used search engine in the world. The quality of content varies with the search terms, but overall it is a simple and benevolent site. Also it offers a variety of useful services, such as cloud sharing, calendar and maps.
  • COMMENTS // previous review out another site // My ranking neutral for children is simply because it is a potential gateway content that is not suitable for children entrance. Like your yard or the street, Google itself is not harmful to children, but children unminded in the environment could be in danger.
  • A very good search engine. Not only the verb “to google” has become equivalent to “search the internet”.
  • ;I have a couple of sites that are used by the previous owners penalized. I’m a guy trying to develop almost 4k sites the way I think Google wants SEO refers niche. I have access only to the keywords but all my information is public to anyone and claims to try to help if they see something questionable. I have not been aware he was receiving traffic. Google and analytical tools in general are very useful. Google, too well in my case. After being an A-hole to a computer, which was good enough to give me back options. I think that kind and considerate. Thank you for addressing the issue. Please consider more social support and recording changes in the sites, along with changes after a possible suggestion implemented through tools so that we can help make the Internet experience around the world better.

*Should I care about this metric? Not necessarily, as score refers to the whole domain, and bigger domains like or might have low scores due to a few dirty URLs.

Traffic information

This site has an average of 43.43B visitors per month globally, and is very popular in United States, India, Brazil, Japan and United Kingdom. Normally, you should trust sites with big and global audiences, as well as sites with a lot of direct traffic. In the following graph You’ll be able to see how much of its traffic is direct (brand traffic)

Also, this site gets traffic from the following urls:,,, and It’s very important to understand what are the main traffic sources to understand potential risks. Are the sites listed suspicious? Then you should be careful when accessing this domain

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