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We’re analyzing the URL to check if this website is safe to browse. We can conclude that:

  • Computer Threats: 0
  • Identity Threats: 0
  • Annoyance factors: 0

Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing also reports a clean score for this domain, so we can conclude that there’s No Malware or Phishing associated with this site.

Google Safe Browsing is a Google service that allows client applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of insecure web resources. Examples of insecure web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and misleading sites) and sites that host malicious or unwanted software.

Domain Analysis*

In terms of domain quality AVG antivirus flags this URL with the following score: Safe

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are important to ensure your privacy protection when browsing and is used to encrypt transactions. Here are the results for this domain:

Not possible to check

Domain Trustworthiness

Users worldwide are rating this site based on the trustworthiness and the safeness for children. The score is the following:

  • Trustworthiness: 94
  • Child Safety: 93

Any score over 80 should be good enough to ensure a safe browsing experience for you and for your children.

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Alexa Rank

User Comments

  • I have a lot of information from this site, including standings, results and schedules. I am an expatriate living outside the US so this site keeps me up to date.
  • Yes, the NFL’s official site- and for us football addicts that is where the good news ends.For years has had a number of trackers to block and has had several physical unstable designs.The last redesign was still idiotizado more mobile by the introduction of an alarming number of issues of privacy / security. Plus it looks bad on something more than a phone. When the risks of privacy / security completely block the site seems pathetic as large portions of food are blank tiles blocks! DO NOT !!!! I found your video delivery systems to be unsafe- and now the whole place is geared more video. Ugghhh! Finally, you simply have less and less actual content of football recently. Seeking alternatives until they get their act together.
  • Nice place but the NFL is manipulated and founded by two worshipers of Satan. Google for yourself! The NFL is wrong in every way if you have half a brain just watching the Superbowl halftime show with Satanic rituals there to accomplish in front of millions of people unknowingly.
  • NFL Network (occasionally abbreviated in the air like NFLN) is a network of cable and satellite television oriented sports in America that is owned by the National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Media, which also includes NFL .com, NFL Films, NFL Mobile, NFL and NFL RedZone now. Dedicated to football, the network has broadcast NFL games as well as content related to the NFL including analysis programs, specials and documentaries. The network is based in the Los Angeles Culver City, California, and spreads its power around the world from Encompass Digital Media (formally Crawford Communications) in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Official Site of the National Football League in the United States. Great sport and the site offers useful information, including results and fun facts

*Should I care about this metric? Not necessarily, as score refers to the whole domain, and bigger domains like or might have low scores due to a few dirty URLs.

Traffic information

This site has an average of 131109393,605619 visitors per month globally, and is very popular in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. Normally, you should trust sites with big and global audiences, as well as sites with a lot of direct traffic. In the following graph You’ll be able to see how much of its traffic is direct (brand traffic)

Also, this site gets traffic from the following urls:,,, and It’s very important to understand what are the main traffic sources to understand potential risks. Are the sites listed suspicious? Then you should be careful when accessing this domain

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